Laser Systems

The latest innovation in laser stencil machines. Building on our pedigree of laser innovation which led us to develop the highly successful T-Series of laser systems, comes the all new T11.

The Tannlin T11, our latest, highly integrated laser stencil cutting machine incorporates simultaneous automatic optical inspection, to guarantee perfect laser cut apertures for the highest performance stencils in electronics assembly processing.

As one of Europe's leading stencil manufacturers, Tannlin have a wealth of experience in what makes a great stencil cutting machine. We listened to our engineers, operators and our excellent T-Series owners feedback, to make the T11 the most advanced laser stencil machine in the world.

What's new on the T11

Faster stencil cutting Up to 15% faster
Cleaner apertures New laser system and laser machine head
Laser expert system High speed and top quality every time
Intelligent CAD integration Increased machine efficiency and reduced cycle times
Improved AOI Our new HD camera displays 2 microns per pixel
Improved quality reporting AOI Certificate available online for every job
Aperture measurement Statistical analysis of aperture cut performance
More robust Improved resilience to temperature shifts
Easy to clean New covers give excellent access
Gas contamination check Gas Pressure monitored to ensure cut quality
Windows 7 OS Future proofing your investment
Large format capable Cut stencils up to 1.8M long
Improved foil sensor New technology for contactless laser focus
Improved nozzle design New innovative gas delivery system
New control software A revolution in operator interfacing
Improved marking Raster graphics laser marking capability
Modular design Base model can be upgraded to high performance
Improved remote assistance Process issue warnings before it becomes critical

Download the T11 Specifications

Next Generation of Laser Cut Stencils

Every feature is optically inspected to ensure it's location and dimensions are to specification. Tannlin's fully automated and concurrent process compares the results of laser cutting to CAD data.

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