Laser Cutting Systems from Tannlin

Tannlin are the worlds leading laser processor of thin metals from 0.01mm to 0.5mm. We provide "end to end" laser processing solutions ranging from one off custom laser systems, to our industry leading, best selling T11 laser Stencil machines.

Tannlin systems bring mass manufacturing, AND micron accuracy together across our product offerings to a diverse range of industries. Whether a laser system is required to make a single high precision sample or millions of micron accurate pieces, we can deliver the turnkey solution. Tannlin are instrumental in developing entirely new processes, utilising advanced laser solutions to solve manufacturing problems. Our expertise is frequently used to replace or enhance existing processes. Chemically etched or electro-formed parts can be made more cost effectively and with higher precision and repeatability using Tannlin laser systems

Our Key competencies are;

  • Laser processes - cutting and welding
  • Manufacturing data
  • Parts fixturing
  • Factory Automation
  • Parts cleaning
  • Material Science
  • Full systems/API/3rd party integration
  • Optical Inspection and integrated measurement analysis

Tannlin are a global laser systems supplier operating in 27 different countries. We contribute process consultancy, solutions and laser systems to a wide range of customers. Our users range from major multinational industrial companies, to local owner managed businesses. These partnerships have universally resulted in the implementation of a manufacturing solution that is both positive and profitable.