Automated Optical Inspection

Every feature is optically inspected to ensure its location and dimensions are to specification.

Tannlin's fully automated and concurrent process compares the results of laser cutting to the CAD data.

Why use Tannlin Automated Optical Inspection?

  • The right volume of solder paste, in the right place, every time.
  • 100% error checking and validation on every feature.
  • An incorrect or defective feature can be rectified and validated while the stencil is still being laser cut.
  • End to end traceability for Tannlin and all customers via Blueprint.
  • A standard process unique to Tannlin and not available from any other manufacturer.


Camera Accuracy 3.75 μm per pixel
Camera Resolution 1280 x 720
Scan Time 0% - 2% of cutting time due to concurrency
Coverage 100% of cut pattern

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