Dynamic Laser Control

Tannlin Dynamic Laser Control is a major breakthrough in high speed laser machining technology. Unlike other laser systems used for thin metal cutting ( 0.01 - 0.5mm) Tannlin laser systems can be specified with our high speed Dynamic Laser Control(DLC).

To illustrate how advanced our DLC is, consider that our fastest laser systems can cut 60,000 apertures /hour. The cutting time for a single feature can be as little as 30ms, during which time, the motion control is constantly changing speed. No other laser machine is able to dynamically change laser control during such a short time period. In fact most laser machines will only correct speed a few times during the cutting process. Laser control in such a short time, will be a compromise single constant setting.

The Tannlin system will correct speed around 120 times in 30 mS for a very small shape. It does this using an advance motion control algorithm which constantly corrects the cutting speed AND also matches the laser parameters perfectly to the actual speed during that task. Tannlin DLC and speed control works like a state of the art traction control system does on a car, if they system has to slow down to make a precise cut or is disturbed by any external noise, Tannlin DLC will correct the laser control parameters in real time even if the disturbance or correction lasts 1 mS.

No other laser machining system has such an advanced laser control synchronisation system, no other laser machine is as fast and clean as a Tannlin Laser machine