SMTCAD is a new dedicated stencil design package that integrates seamlessly with Blueprint and perfectly partners the latest Tannlin stencil laser machine. SMTCAD delivers the features needed for complete control of your paste creation, modification and design quality control. The system provides automatic footprint detection and conversion at the component level.

Once a component is “taught” into SMTCAD, the system will find this component on any gerber, ODB++ or IPC2581 file, and facilitate fully automatic paste design generation.

Data corruption and human error are major contributors to efficiency in the electronics industry.

“25% of electronic assembly process defects can be attributed to stencil design”

Simple every day operations such as “cut and paste” or data “mirror” can corrupt gerber data on a poor design system. As components reduce in physical size and footprint, small errors have an increasing impact on electronic assembly defects.

Unlike commonly used gerber design systems, SMTCAD works using intrinsic shapes instead of polygons to describe complex stencil aperture shapes. We then combines these intrinsics into groups to form component level footprints. Component footprints can be thought of as a digital entity that will be replicated precisely and are more easily managed without corruption.

When we combine these 2 powerful features of digital paste deposit control and automatic design generation, we can guarantee to improve the end to end process efficiency.

Tannlin’s Blueprint management system links directly with SMTCAD to offer unparalleled end to end data visibility, control and traceability.