Tannlin Multilevel Laser Cut Stencils

Building on our range of high performance stencils for the electronics assembly industry comes the new Tannlin Multilevel stencil.

Manufactured using the Tannlin proprietary laser process allows greater flexibility and control in the print process over standard SMT stencils.

Why use Tannlin Multilevel technology?

  • To facilitate an increase or decrease of paste volume and deposit height on selected PCB areas where you have mixed component technology, large ground pads, intrusive reflow or coplanarity issues.
  • To improve the stencil to board gasket and print repeatability where you have topography issues on PCBs e.g. labels, solder mask inconsistencies and tented vias.
  • To allow simultaneous printing of 3D cavities on a PCB.


Step areas 20 - 150 microns with support for complex shapes
Step Ramp controlled step ramp in 50 micron increments, optional matched squeegee blades
Positional accuracy < 10 microns on the step areas
Material thickness +/- 2% (primary steel and step steel)
Board side distortion flat with no impact
Environmentally friendly no hazardous chemicals or pollutants in process
Process to be available at all Tannlin manufacturing facilities
Lead-time half day quick turn service available

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