Stencil Production

Tannlin operate Stencil production sites at Prestwick (Scotland), Hook (England) and have further European operations in Budapest in Hungary and Timisoara in Romania. Each facility is a copy exact production operation with dedicated local CAD and technology support staff. The sites are fully equipped with the latest Tannlin T11 stencil laser cutting systems and ancillary equipment. They operate under the strict Tannlin operating processes and quality management system ensuring we meet our requirements for accuracy and repeatability. Customer communication and operational control is all managed through our proprietary on-line Blueprint application.

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Stencil Options

Solder Paste

  • All modifications automatically tooled to agreed customer specifications.
  • All apertures fine tuned to maximise paste transfer efficiency.
  • Proven consistent paste release on area ratio >0.5

Multilevel Stencils

The next generation of laser cut stencils. Building on our range of high performance stencils for the electronics assembly industry comes the new Tannlin Multilevel stencil. Manufactured using the Tannlin proprietary laser process allows greater flexibility and control in the print process over standard SMT stencils.

Step areas 20 - 150 microns with support for complex shapes
Step Ramp controlled step ramp in 50 micron increments,
optional matched squeegee blades
Positional accuracy < 10 microns on the step areas
Material thickness +/- 2% (primary steel and step steel)
Board side distortion flat with no impact
Environmentally friendly no hazardous chemicals or pollutants in process
Process to be available at all Tannlin manufacturing facilities
Lead-time half day quick turn service available

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  • Removes the requirement for dedicated glue dispensing equipment.
  • Controlled glue deposit- size, shape, height and volume.
  • Apertures designed to customer specification or from Tannlin recommended footprint library.


  • Re-balling kits for reworking BGA components.
  • Re-balling kits for reworking QFN components.
  • Mini-stencils for reworking specific component footprint on your PCB.
  • Custom designed to suit your process.

Large Format

  • Custom formats to suit specific applications
  • Example frame sizes: 950 x 950 mm, 920 x 800 mm, 795 x 1500 mm


  • Available in a range of foil sizes to meet printer requirements.
  • Aluminium extrusion edge allows for safe handling and increase rigidity.
  • Colour coded corners to identify lead and lead-free.
  • Significant saving in storage with racks available to order.
  • Master mounting frames and accessories available to order.

Laser Cut Stencils

A unique understanding of stencil production and surface mount assembly processes gives Tannlin an in-depth appreciation of the need for accuracy to support process control, consistency and stability. Tannlin-manufactured stencils will contribute positively to yield and quality through unparalleled cut-edge quality and geometry, ensuring optimal paste release.

Material Stainless steel (Datum Alloys PhD & FG)
Thickness from 20 microns to 600 microns
2% thickness tolerance
Positional accuracy Feature accuracy +/- 1 micron Aperture repeatability < 1 micron Global repeatability +/- 2 microns Global accuracy +/- 5 microns
Print area < 603 x 1,200 mm
Frame types Industry standard fixed frame and self-mounting systems including MPM, VectorGuard, space saver
Frame sizes < 795 x 1,500 mm
Surface treatment Nanocoat, electropolish options