SMT Support Products Production

Tannlin design and manufacture all SMT Support Products at its main facility in Prestwick, United Kingdom. A fully integrated design and manufacturing service to aid SMT and Through-hole assembly processes. Customer communication and operational control is all managed through our proprietary online Blueprint application.

Product Types

Wave Solder Carrier

There are various different types of wave carriers:

Fully selective masking bottom side SMT.

Semi-selective masking rout tabs, gold fingers and other critical elements.

Open aperture.

Rotating Adjustable.

Each type can be customised with additional options to address process demands:

Stiffeners, Wave riders, PCB clamping, Component clamping, Bespoke clamping, Titanium inserts, Teflon coating, Alignment plates.

Benefits of wave carriers:

Eliminate hand masking to reduce defects. Increase throughput with multiple PCBAs on a carrier. Prevent warping. Conveyor width can be standardised to eliminate set-up. Component clamping to eliminate lifting during processing. Capability to process odd shaped PCBAs.

Print, Place & Reflow Carrier

Tannlin Reflow carriers are used in the surface mount process of electronic assembly. Tannlin carriers are custom designed to suit each customer and PCBA requirement. We have experienced design staff with proven solutions for most challenges.

Reflow carriers should be used when:

  • Odd shaped PCBA can't travel on a conveyor.
  • Components are too close to the edge of a PCB.
  • Manual handling of PCBA needs to be reduced.
  • Flexi-circuits cause processing issues.
  • PCBA requires to be supported to prevent warping.
  • Pin placement is driving a high set-up time.

Tannlin are also able to offer multiple image reflow carriers with stencils to match. Reflow carriers can also be used to when PCBs have been supplied as single instead of multiple panel format, we can simply take your existing data and create a carrier to match.

Press Fit Support Plates

Tannlin press fit support plates provide support for PCBAs during the insertion of press fit components. Tannlin press fit support plates are manufactured from precision cast and ground aluminium and custom designed for each customer and PCBA requirement.

Press fit support plates benefits:

  • Stable platform for PCBA.
  • Eliminate stress on solder joints.
  • Prevent rework / scrap.
  • Improve repeatability.

Conformal Coating Carriers

Tannlin conformal coating carriers provide both alignment and masking for automated processing.

Conformal coating carrier benefits:

  • Robust carrier for conveyor processing.
  • Protection of vulnerable components.
  • Ensure consistent and repeatable masking of selected areas.

Assembly Fixture

Tannlin assembly fixtures are used to aid assembly of both electronic and mechanical parts during all areas of product assembly.  A bespoke approach to each situation ensuring consistency, repeatability and minimising operator dependency. Assembly fixture benefits

  • Consistant repeatable process for volume production.
  • "Poka Yoke" solutions.
  • Reduction in process rework / scrap.

SMT Support Products

We utilise SolidWorks to create and simulate bespoke design solutions, a full 3D modelling capability with SolidCam driving our suite of machining centres. Our focus is on design solutions that deliver a direct benefit to process yield and process operating window.

Material High Temperature glass composites. Aluminium (K100s cast aluminium tooling plate ore equivalent) Titanium
Surface treatment Teflon Coating